NYC DOE Black Dossier

Are you a new and upcoming teacher? Or a veteran teacher than this website is for you. The NYC DOE has a complicated system that is not easy to maneuver. It has some of the best schools in the country as well as some of the most toxic-career killing admins. This website will guide you surviving your hunt for a non-toxic school, help you avoid teacher-killing career admins and a lot more, please sit back and click away.

Bullying Logs (Urban Assembly Wildlife)


Bully Logs

           Click the above link for a full PDF file on Skedula / IO classroom logs from UA wildlife on the subject of bullying reported by teachers from the school.

No Bullying logs ever existed in our database because no such thing ever occurred to Abel Cedeno, this is a narrative to demonize a Blx young man. A tale that the media was quick to jump on with no evidence what so ever. I present to you samples of our official Skedula logs (We teachers have entered ourselves). Over 1000’s of these logs exists, and no one ever mentions any conflict between Matt and Abel, nor has any teacher step up and spoke out on the subject defending Abel as well.


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